Steel Bar For Concrete

The propertise od Steel reinforcement & Standard of Products

Projections along the vertical and knobs at regular intervals on the horizontal ensure that cement will adhere flawlessly to the surface of Concrete Reinforcing Bars, making them ideal for buildings and civil engineering projects. The bars are classified according to strength into regular (SD300), high tensile (SD350, SD400), and ultra tensile (SD500, also called High Plus) bars.

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Accuracy and Straightness

YK Steel’s Concrete Reinforcing Bars guarantee size accuracy and uniformity. By using horizontal and vertical rollers and roller guide, we ensure flawless product surfaces. Descaling with water jet during rolling process further enhances straightness.

Rolling mark

In an effort to help our customers use our products in j more convenient manner on their construction sites, the country of origin,Manufacturer, Diameter and Steel type are repeatedly embossed on the surface of each and every steel bar manufactured by YK Steel.

Rolling Mark

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단면도 중앙부
단면도 중앙부
단면도 중앙부

Standard of Concrete Reinforcing Bar

KS D 3504 JIS G 3112 ASTM A 615 Certification
(SD300,SD400,SD500,SD600, SD700,SD400W,SD500W) (SD295A,SD295B,SD345,SD390,SD490) GR40,GR60 KS D 3504, JIS G 3112
KS D 3504
이형봉강 (SD300,SD400,SD500,SD600, SD700,SD400W,SD500W)
JIS G 3112
ASTM A 615
KS D 3504,
JIS G 3112

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