Goal of Career development

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Value of tomorrow can have only prepared now.
Bring out the infinite possibilities of the individual
YK Steel is looking for talent in fulfilling your dreams into reality.
YK Steel is always open towards you.
기본을 실천하는 사람 아이콘
The Person who practices standard
Deep-rooted trees do have to keep up in the wind. Departure of all the developments and innovation are true to the extent and management practices haneungeot starts at the base.
창의력을 발휘하는 사람 아이콘
The person who can pursue creativity
Without fear of challenge and creativity on the basis of the lead change it is always someone who has actively thinking about everything is open to the vitality and freshness of the organization and society by creating new ones.
도덕적 가치관을 가진 사람 아이콘
The person who has moral stardard
Has the autonomy and responsibility and the spirit of service to the fullness of the heart, a man of the company's development through the preparation and development of their company and their future is growing belief and attitude that is always active.
국제적 감각과 Digital 능력을 갖춘 사람
The person who han international business sense & digital ability
A person has a worldview that can embrace cultural diversity with respect to the professional ability to continue to realize the vision of an advanced class company.