Online of employment system

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Job grad system

Separate job grade system is applied to management and production employees.

Promotion system

Promotion is based on personal availability and evaluation results.

Evaluation system

Working attitude, ability, and performance of the employees are evaluated, and this evaluation is reflected on promotion, raise, and reward, and used in replacement and personal career development.

Recognition rewording system

Profit Sharing has been based on annual performance.

New Personnel system

New Personnel System is under development to fortify organization power, and to be implemented in 2004.

Labor Union

YK Steel has a Labor Union organization.

Payment system

. Monthly Salary is applied to managerial employees.
. Hourly salary is applied to production employees.

Welfare system

. Tuition for employees' children up to college.
. 4 major insurance and housing for employees who change working location are provided.
. Various circle activities are supported.